Friday, March 27, 2015

"Bishop, You've been Egged."

I've been seeing this really cute idea on the internet and was thinking it could totally be turned into a singing time/service for the Bishop!!!I was thinking of doing this with Jr primary on Sunday instead of my Easter presentation but I haven't totally made up my mind on this yet. You can take a peek at the idea Here  
You would have to change the tag a bit but no biggie!!

For this I would hide 12 plastic eggs around the room. Some would have songs to sing, others would have fun actions to do with songs and some others would have fill in the blank on some of the songs for review. This would be your basic Egg hunt with the songs included, but the twist is, if they sing their very best, then they can put a lot of candy in the egg, if they don't sing so well, then only one piece of candy in the egg. At this point they will be so excited about adding lots of candy, that they will focus on singing their very best. After each egg is filled it will be put in a cute Easter Basket with the You've been Egged tag attached!!!

At the end of singing time, you will let them in on a secret, (they are going to egg the bishop!) You will have the Bishop come in and tell him HOW wonderful the children sang today and that because of their AWESOME singing, his eggs were filled to the brim with treats and that he has officially been EGGED by Jr primary. We will then close by singing "Our Bishop" and present him with the basket!!!

I will have one candy filled egg for each child to take home and will thank them for singing their very best today and helping me EGG the bishop!