Monday, January 6, 2014

Choosing Sticks

Happy Monday! I am so sad, I was sick yesterday and did not make it to church to do Mr. Sun with the new Sunbeams. I actually sent this activity to church with the primary president so that they could go ahead and do it with the kids since I was home sick in bed. I will get pics on that as soon as I make it to the church to pick up my visuals.
Today I thought I would share my cute Choosing Sticks with you. I absolutely do not like standing up front every week and feeling like I am picking the same kids over and over again week after week. Not that anyone really gets left out with a primary of 15-18 kiddo's but it can happen and I don't like it!! So, I will be doing a different set of these each month to go along with holidays, etc. I figured I can send them home  with the kids the last Sunday of the month with their  motivation prize!! Oh yah, I have to get going on that as well. January's motivator will be the Primary Rockin Ball Drop to help bring in the New Year! Pics to come on that before Sunday!!
I know this isn't really anything new or that creative but I think they are cute and wanted to share! For January I am doing "Snowmen" I bought the cute pail in Targets $1 section and will probably be able to get a new one each month to go with the different Holidays. Next month my sticks will be red with a heart attached!! So fun!! I just love this kind of thing! Check them out and Happy Singing!!