Friday, January 24, 2014

Primary Derby Races This Sunday!

Last night was a horrible night for sleep but a wonderful night for creative thinking. My husband is going to put together my track for the Primary Singing Derby races this Sunday. I will post those pics when that is finished. I'm so grateful for my sweetheart and his help putting my ideas together. I get these crazy singing time ideas going through my head but couldn't make them a reality without the help of my AWESOME hubby! Love you honey!
Anyhow, while I was laying in my bed wide awake suffering with allergies at 3:00 AM this morning, I took some time to think about how to add some props for the races on Sunday. I usually like to dress up, or add a goody to go along with my theme. I thought it would be fun to purchase these cute racing flags pictured above (party city $.99) for the kiddo's to use to direct the music. So, after each set of cars race and we have our winning car and song, I will use my handy little choosing sticks and pick 2 children to come up and direct the song with the racing flags. I think adding this in will make it enjoyable for both Jr and Sr primaries since we are combined and it will also give more children a chance to participate. I am so excited! I think the kiddo's are going to enjoy this! Thanks for stopping by, Happy Singing & LET THE RACES BEGIN!!!