Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Primary "Shark Week" Motivator

I totally love "Shark Week" and was thinking I could do this game as a review/motivator for singing time. This game is called "Shark Dentist" and can be purchased on Amazon for around $6-$9.

When playing the game the players stick their fingers in the sharks open mouth and push down a tooth. The player that pushes on his sore tooth gets a little "bite"  when his mouth snaps shut on them. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt but can be a little shocking.
To use this for singing time: Have the kiddo's pick a song off of the board. If they do a really good job singing then I have to push a tooth down in the "sharks" mouth, if they don't do so good then they have to push a tooth down.

Whoever gets bit 3 times first before the end of singing time has been SHARK ATTACKED!! If I am attacked, meaning, they sang really well and I was bit 3 times,  then the kiddo's win these:
If the kiddo's get bit 3 times before me then I get to keep these for another week when they try harder!!! Ok, I probably won't do that and they will get them anyway but not without a lecture on how they need to TRY harder!!!

 What other games do your little ones have lying around that you can think to use for singing time? I have a couple and I will post those ideas another day!!

Thank you all for stopping by!! Happy Shark Week!! (I know its over but Primary Shark Week can be anytime we want it to)