Friday, August 22, 2014

Around the World Review


 Here's another oldie but goodie used in the schools that can be adapted for singing time. It is used for math fact review. I even played this one back in the day! A looooong time ago:(
 It is a GREAT one to go over the words for individual songs.

TO PLAY: Have your kiddo's stand in a circle. You write the song they will be reviewing on the board. At go, the first child has to say the first word of the song, the next child says the 2nd word and so forth. If a child misses then they are out and have to take a seat. Play then continues from where they left off. You continue play until you have one player left or until they get to the end of the song. You then sing the song and play starts over with a new song.

Simple, Simple, Simple!!!!

You could add a twist so that the kiddo's that missed and are seated can get back in the round. If another child misses, and a seated child can say the word that the child missed then they can stand back up!!! It's always fun to put a little "twist" on things!!

Thank you all for stopping by! Have an AWESOME weekend and Happy Singing!