Friday, August 1, 2014

Song Grid (To teach a new song) S.E.E.K

Hello All! As promised, I wanted to post an idea you can use to teach a new song. This one will help the kiddo's get the words down and I will be using it for "Seek the Lord Early." You can use this for any song. It is simple and one I think the kiddo's will like.

To start out you have to determine the amount of words in your song and make a grid with squares = to the amount of words. For instance, in "Seek the Lord Early" there are 68 words. Therefore, I will make a grid with 68 squares. It will be 4 squares across and 17 rows down. This will get me 68 squares. At the top above the first row of squares I will put SEEK and then I will number my rows on the side 1-17. I am naming this one "SEEK" because of the song but you can name your grid differently for whatever song you use. You can just use numbers for columns at the top as well. This will make more sense as I go along. I will write/type all the words to the song on index cards. On each card along with the word I will put the amount of points earned if they can sing the song with out that specific word. I will also use pics in place of some words. Example: In place of the word Seek in "Seek the Lord Early" I will put a pic of a magnifying glass. If a child pics the coordinates that match up to a pic then those will be worth 100 points if they can sing the song without that pic.

Ok, so this is how you do it!! You divide your kiddo's into 2 teams. All the words/and some pics are on index cards and taped in order on the grid. You determine which team goes first, (sing off, etc.) Your starting team will pick a coordinates out of a bucket, for example they come up and pick an S2, they will go to the S column and down 2. They have to remove that index card and sing the song without that word and or pic. If they can do it then they get the amount of points listed on the index card that they removed. If they can't sing without the word then the other team gets a chance to try. If the other team can do it then they get the points. Play then goes to the next team. They pick a coordinates: (example K5) they will then go to the K Column and down 5. They would have to remove the word and or pic and sing the song without the word to score the points listed on the card. You can add up the teams points as you go along.

Object: Be the team with the most points at the end of singing time

I have learned that the kiddo's always like a challenge and this game will make them feel like they are competing for something while at the same time they are removing the words and learning the song. These games always bring out the best singing and the kids are having such fun, that they don't even realize their singing their little hearts out!! I will end with a little prize for everyone for doing their very best, probably some "smarties" for being such smart singers!!!


Thank you for stopping by!! I am sorry I didn't have pics to post of my Grid. I haven't actually put that together yet. Please feel free to comment with any questions and I will get to them as soon as I can. Happy Singing this WEEK and stay tuned for my 1,2,3 Blast Off Passport to measure the Progress on our songs for the Program!! We are going to send them to the "MOON." before our program on October 12th.