Monday, July 28, 2014

Silent Singer

Hello everyone! How was your singing time yesterday? I hope all had an AWESOME day! I wanted to share a cute review game that  I tried out with the kiddo's and they absolutely LOVED it! I can not take credit for this. I saw it posted on the Facebook Chorister group and it is a wonderful singing time activity! Thank you "shout out" for whoever posted this idea! It is AWESOME!

You can use this for single song repetition or I used it to review all the songs for the program. To start out you pick a teacher to choose a child to be the 'silent singer." You are the first guesser so you will turn your back to the kids so the teacher can pick who's "it" first. Once someone has been picked you turn around. The children will then start singing the chosen song. The "silent singer" will lip sync the words but not actually sing. After the kids finish singing you have to try and guess who the silent singer was. Play then continues with the last "silent singer" coming up and being the next guesser and the last guesser will tap on someone to be the next "silent singer." I did let the guesser walk around while the children were singing so that they could hear better. I know it sounds so simple, right? It is!! This is perfect for one of those crazy weekends when you need something low prep. Its fun, simple and the kiddo's LOVED it! I just wanted to share!

This week I am hoping to post my S.E.E.K game idea for teaching "I'll Seek  the Lord Early." I'm still working on the idea for that one. I will also be posting my 1,2,3 Blast off Passport idea to use as a measure on our program songs. We're going to send those "puppies" to the moon before the program.  Please check back in on those later this week. Thank you for stopping by and Happy Singing!