Saturday, July 5, 2014

Stars and Stripes

Happy Fourth! Well, actually,  it is now the 5th, 2 AM and I am wide awake! Since my brain has decided its not ready for bed, I thought I would try some blogging and see if that might do the trick. I wanted to share a couple of simple singing time activities that would work great for JR primary and celebrating Independence Day! I have another activity for Sr and I will post that one tomorrow when I get a chance to put it together. It is the activity I will use for my kiddo's this week.

These are two very basic games you can use and the little ones will absolutely love them. The first is "Pin the Stripes on the Flag" Everyone knows this party favorite and it is sure to be a delight for the little ones. Just write your songs on the red stripes and have your helper come up to the front. They pick their stripe/song, you place the blindfold, spin, and they pin. You then have the children sing the song with the child that pinned, conducting with a flag:) Short, sweet, SIMPLE!!

This next one is another easy prep game that the little ones would love. I would call this one "Stars and Stripes? For prep on this one you would draw a flag on a posterboard but, what? Where are the stars? Someone stole them? The children must find them before the end of singing time or all is lost for the American Flag. It must have its stars!!
 Hide the stars with the songs on them around the room. I would have stars outlined on the flag so the children can measure their progress after each star/song is found and placed. When it is their turn, a helper will find a star. If everyone sings really well then the star gets placed back on the flag. If they find and place all stars before the end of singing time then they get a small reward. (Starburst would work well for this one) BRIBERY!! Always works!!!

These are two simple and sweet activities that would work well for Jr. I will be doing a game I am going to call "BOOM" with Sr. I will post that one later today after I get the prep put together.

Happy Birthday America and Happy Singing Everyone!!