Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"BOOM" Singing Time Review

Wow, this has been a crazy summer and I am so off schedule!! It seems like just yesterday I promised to post this game and now it is 2 weeks later, UGH!!! Where does the time go? I played this one as a 4th of July activity but it can be used anytime for a review. The kiddo's seemed to enjoy it and it mixes things up a bit!

This is an easy one to put together. To get started you will need:

2 soup cans with labels removed, 2 different colors of construction paper, Mod Podge & 2 copies of the word BOOM: Just click, save and print mine posted above. You will also need to put together some cards with your review ideas on the back. You can click, save and print the bombs I used here:
To prepare, you will Mod Podge a different color construction paper on each can. I did one blue and one red. These will be your teams. Red and Blue or whatever colors you choose to use.
You will have to let this dry before adding the word Boom to each can. This will take about 30 minutes. As this is drying you can cut out your Bomb cards and start writing what you want the kids to do for review on the back. Sing a song, answer a question about a song, fill in the blank, etc. You will need to add in 4-5 cards that just say BOOM as well.

 Once your cans are dry you will then Mod Podge the word BOOM onto each can.
Once this is dry, you are done and ready to PLAY!!!


To play: Split your kiddo's into 2 teams. I had a blue team and a red team. Once your teams are established you will decide which team goes first, ( you can pick a number, have a sing off, etc)  Once this is decided you have a child come up from your starting team. They will pick a card from the pile. Their team will then have to do what the card states on the back to win the card. (sing, answer a question, fill in the blank, etc.) If the team does well then they win the card and it goes in their color can. If the children get too loud then their team can loose cards, so let them know this rule before the game begins. If a team picks a BOOM card, all of the cards they have earned go back into the pile and they have to start over.

The object of the game is to be the team with the most cards at the end of singing time!! To finish this one off with a "BOOM" you can give the kiddo's some "POP ROCKS" that pop like FIREWORKS!!!

HAPPY SINGING EVERYONE!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Please check back in for my Singing Summer Vacation Finale: S'MORE SINGING CAMP!! We will be doing this on Sunday July, 27th.