Wednesday, July 23, 2014

S'more Singing

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!! I am so excited to share the last of my Summer Singing Series with all of you. I can't believe summer is almost over and the kiddo's will be heading back to school in the next couple of weeks!!
It has been a crazy one for me, I must say. We have been gone quite a bit!!! Thank heavens for my AWESOME co-chorister for covering my behind and keeping everything on track!!! Shout out Miss Julia!! YOUR AWESOME!!!

This Sunday I will be doing the last of my Summer Singing Vacation Series!! It will be a GREAT review for all songs up to this point. We will be starting "Seek the Lord Early" in August and then it will be review, review, review!!! This weeks activity will be my S'more Singing Review!!

I will be making a fake fire similar to this one I found Here. I will arrange the children around the fire in their chairs and we will be singing around the fire. The Children will take a turn coming up and drawing the song and camp game that we will use to review with the song. The games I have chosen to use are: Singing Circle, Mush mouth & winking bandit. I will be using all three on Sunday. I will also be putting a fun "spin" on the Singing chicken pox game I have seen around but mine will be "Mosquito Bites" and trust me,  you don't want to get bit!!!  I have explained how I will do each game below. Please feel free to let me know if you need further explanation.

  Singing Circle: A child will come up and pick a song out of the bucket. If they pick this game then play starts with them. For this one the children will not sing the song until the end of the game. The child that drew the song starts by saying the first word of the song, the next child says the first word and second word of the song, this continues with each child adding on a new word on their turn. If someone messes up then play starts over with them until they can make it through the whole song. Once they have made it and said all the words then they will sing the song and move on to the next song and game. 

Mush Mouth: The children have to sing the song with a large Marshmallow in their mouth!! I have read somewhere that there is a choking hazard with marshmallows so I may do this one with little marshmallows or just pretend they have a large marshmallow in their mouth!! Haven't decided!!

Winking Bandit: Last of all is the Winking Bandit game. If a child picks this one they are it!! They hide their eyes while I tap on someones shoulder. This child will be the winking bandit!! While we are singing the chosen song, the bandit will wink at someone. If you are winked at then you stop singing. The person in the middle has to try and guess who the bandit is before the song is over. If they guess who it is then we finish singing and the Bandit is now IT and stands in the middle to try and guess the next winking bandit. I considered just using this game through all of singing time because I think the kiddo's will really like this one!! Definitely one you can use by itself for a review.

Mosquito Bite: This one will be ongoing throughout singing time and will be used to keep the kiddo's on track. If a kiddo is not singing or is misbehaving, they will get a "mosquito bite" Like these Here. At the end of singing time if you are a child with a bite then you have to get in the back of the line when picking a treat out of the treat basket. I will be making up cute bags that will include a graham cracker, small Hershey and a large marshmallow and attaching a S'more Singing tag!!!

This will wrap it up for my Summer Singing series!!! I hope you all had a WONDERFUL summer vacation!!! Happy Singing!!