Wednesday, August 6, 2014

"Hot Seat"

Happy Wednesday!! I am in the process of putting together my S.E.E.K board for this week. I was actually out of town for one last weekend get away before school starts TOMORROW, and didn't get to that one yet!!
 Oh my, where does the time go!! This is actually the first year I'm not quite ready for this!! Don't get me wrong, I really, really, want the chaos and craziness of 'summer' to just go away, (and the AZ heat) but, it went SUPER fast and my brain is not quite ready to get back on track!!
I will post the pics of my SEEK board as soon as they are finished for those still interested! For those who used the idea on Sunday, I would love to hear back on how it worked out! Please share:)

Now that we are through all of the songs for the program, I will be posting some fun review games and my 123 Blast OFF passport incentive. This will measure our progress on all of the songs. Before the program on October 12th, (ugh) I am hoping to send our songs to the MOON in a fun blast off activity!! Fingers crossed that we make it that far!!

For this week, I will be posting a Fun review game I played with the kiddo's years ago! It is called "Hot Seat."To play you can use this with one song the kids need work on or to go over a few songs at a time. You will need to print out a few "key" words to the song or songs you want to review and put them in an envelope, bucket or something with the song title on the outside. This way if you do multiple songs you know where your words are for which song.
Song Envelopes
 You will then have two kiddos come up at a time and sit back to back in your two chairs. You will let them know which song you are
starting with. You will pick a word out of your envelope, bucket etc for whatever song you are starting with. You then show the secret word to the kids in primary, but not your "hot seat" competitors. You will then have the kids start singing the song. When they come to the secret word they will skip it but keep singing. The kiddo's in the Hot Seat will listen  for the "silent" word. Once they know what it is they will jump up out of the Hot Seat and say the word. If they are right then they get to stay and keep competing for the Hot Seat Champion title!!
I will play using each song several times so that they get good practice in. This is a good one to use on the words you think the kiddo's may be struggling with. I will have the kids sing the song all the way through before we move on to the next song because we will be stopping a lot for the game so it won't make it to the end until I am ready to move on to the next song. If you are using this to review for just one song then you could have the kids sing the song all the way to the end and whoever jumped out of their HOT SEAT first waits until the end of the song to say which word was left out! I actually like that way because you get your repetition in there as well!!

Object: Be the Hot Seat Champion!!

Small Incentive Treat: Fire flavored Jolly Rancher