Saturday, February 1, 2014

Nursery Basket

This will be my nursery basket for tomorrow. I'm not sure about all of you but I only get about 15 minutes to run through some songs with these sweeties. I used some of my dollar tree finds to put this together.

I found this cute bucket at Wal mart for $.97. I added some floral styrofoam to the bucket. I wrote the songs we will sing on the back of the hearts I got at the dollar tree and hot glued them to some craft sticks. I then stuck these in the styrofoam and covered them with some brown shred I had in my craft box. The little ones will pick a heart from the bucket and we will sing the song that is chosen.
I will be using the animals for Old McDonald and the stars for "I am like a Star"
I made these cute wands for the kiddo's to wave around as we sing 'Do as I'm Doing" They usually plan little instruments for this one but I am going to change it up a bit for the month.  I used more of the hearts from the Dollar tree, ribbon and a dowel cut into 3 pieces. I spray painted my dowels, tied and hot glued the ribbons on and then hot glued the hearts. I think the kiddo's are going to love these!!

I am thinking I will be using a lot of hearts in nursery this month. I will probably do the bucket for two weeks and then I am going to spray paint a small cookie sheet and put songs and magnets on the back of some of the hearts. I will then let the little ones come up and pick a heart out of a mixing bowl and stick it on to the cookie sheet. We will then be singing the song that was chosen. I will do this activity for the last two weeks of February.

Thank you all for stopping by to have a peek. Comment with any questions. Happy Singing this week!!