Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Free Calendar Print outs

I found these really cute Calendar print outs at this link HERE
I have printed these and used them in my binder for the year.  They are way cute!!! Thought I would share. I also wanted to add a few more links to some teaching ideas that you could use to turn into Singing time activities. There are tons and tons of ideas all over the internet. Just a little creativity and you can plan an AWESOME singing time for your kiddo's!! Take a peek at a few of my finds.
Cute and Crazy Glasses
 matching socks
Egg Shakers

The Egg shakers would be lots of fun for kids of all ages including the nursery!! With Easter coming these would be a great addition to any choristers box of tricks!!!

I hope this helps anyone in need of ideas. Let me know what kind of activities you can think up using these links!! Thanks for taking a peek!! I would like to be able to post some of these every week. I will be posting my ideas on teaching "I Stand all Amazed" towards the end of this week. Stay tuned for pics and info!! Thanks for taking a peek!!! Happy Singing everyone!!