Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Outline

I guess this isn't really an outline. I am not going to include all the songs I will be doing this month but just a quick outline on the activities I will be doing and using to teach "I will Follow Gods Plan" I was thinking I was going to do all LOVEY things for the month but my mind is taking me in different directions. I haven't quite put everything together yet but these are the posts I will be doing for the month as I put them together.

Week #1 Singing Super Bowl. This one is already posted since this is for tomorrow. If you haven't  had a chance to check it out take a peek! This is one I used to do with my kiddo's years ago when I was chorister and they loved it! I am thinking I will still get the same results!!

Week #2 Start "I will Follow Gods Plan. I will be doing this using a GPS theme. Gods Plan of Salvation! I will have a discussion with the kids on how a G.P.S guides them to their destination and how God sent us here with a plan and tools that will help us get back home to our Heavenly destination if we just follow the plan he has given us. I will be placing maps or small homemade GPS's under each chair with a map of the primary room. Each of our destination points will have pics and words for the song. We will find them, and place them in order on the board and sing them as we put them up. Pics and more details to come on this!
Week #3 Continue review "I will Follow Gods Plan." Lights, Camera, ACTIONS!! I will be splitting the kiddo's into groups for this one. Each group will get some of the words from the song. They will be given a few minutes to put actions to the words they have been given. We will then let each group show us their actions and we will put them all together. I think this will help the kids to really focus on the words of the song. Actions are a good way to help memorization. This used to work great for me when I was chorister back in the day. We will see if I get the same kind of results. I will have my husband record this one so we can watch it later on.
Week #4 will be our Monthly Motivator celebration. I am not quite sure if we will be doing another review day of I will Follow Gods Plan or a choosing time. There will be hearts involved in this one because we are going to heart attack the bishop. We will frost our cookies and deliver to the bishops office!

These are the activities I have planned. Pics and details will come each week. Please feel free to comment with any questions or suggestions. Thank you for taking a peek! Happy Singing to all!