Wednesday, February 19, 2014

St. Patricks Day Singing Time Ideas

I have several short, sweet and simple St. Patty's Day singing time ides to share today! I have found some wonderful teaching sites and have changed up a few of the games that they use in the classroom and have made them fit for singing time in March. If you are interested in checking out any of these blogs they are listed on the right hand side of my post. Check them out! They really get your creative juices flowing:)

The games I have come up with are as follows:

Pass the Coin: This would be geared more towards Sr. Primary and used as a review because you would be repeating the song as you play. For this one, the kids would sit in a circle. You would have one child be the Leprechaun. They would start out standing in the middle and covering their eyes.  You would hand a child in the circle a coin and the children would then start singing the song. As they sing the Leprechaun can uncover their eyes. When singing the kids would secretly pass a coin behind their backs. When the Leprechaun thinks they know who has the coin he would take off his hat and the kids would stop singing. The Leprechaun would then try and guess who has the coin. If he/she is right then the child who was guessed has to be the Leprechaun, if not guessed correctly then play continues and the kids would start singing from where they left off or from the beginning of the verse. Whichever you decide!!

Steal the Gold: This is the one I was thinking through yesterday! For this one you would have two teams! Each team would start out with a pot of gold. You can find pots and gold coins at the Dollar Tree for this one! This would be a good review for any songs you have been teaching! To begin you need to do a quick guess the number to see which team starts first. You would have shamrocks posted on the board with different numbers. The lower the number the easier the question, song task to perform, the higher the number the harder!! The starting team would decide on a shamrock, say they range from 1-5, they pick a 5, this is where you get creative, they would then have to do whatever task is listed on the shamrock, if they can do it then they would get to take 5 pieces of gold from the other teams pot, if they can't do it, answer it, sing it well, then they can challenge the other team, if the other team can do it then they get to take 5 gold from the challenging teams pot, etc. This is a fun, competitive one!!! At the end, whoever has the most coins, (gold) gets to pick a treat first!! A pot of rolo's, choc coins, twix bars, etc

Sneaky Little Leprechauns: This would be a fun one to do to the Bishop. Its like a heart attack but made for St. Patty's day. You could make this simple and have songs on the back of shamrocks. Have the kids sing and do fun actions with each song or perhaps do the magic shoe idea, which you can find posted on Sugardoodle. Then at the end you can have the kids sign this cute letter from the sneaky leprechaun and leave a bag of chocolate at the bishops door with the letter. Click on this link HERE to get a copy of the letter. You will have to scroll down and click on St. Patrick's Day on the right hand side of her blog.

Matching Game: This is just your basic matching game but you can use cute items to go along with the St. Patty's day theme.

Find Lucky: This is the same concept as finding the Musical note but you would hide a leprechaun figure. This would be a good, simple one to use for practice on one song. The kids would be repeating but usually they have fun with this one and don't seem to mind. Someone steps out in the hall while a kiddo hides lucky. The other child comes in and the kids sing while they search the room. If they are close to Lucky then the kids sing louder, if they are not close the kids sing quietly!! Hot and Cold!!!

Shamrock Toss: For this one you could have shamrocks lying on the floor with songs on the back. A child would get to come up and try and toss a coin on to a shamrock. The kiddo's would then sing the song that the coin lands on. You could spice it up a bit and have rainbow sticks that have different fun ways to sing the song that is landed on.

Whats in the Hat: For this one you would just need to buy a Leprechaun hat. I know they Dollar Tree has these. You would put items in the hat relating to words from songs you are teaching. The kids would pick out and item and tell what part of the song or what song the item goes with.

Help Lucky get to his Pot of Gold: You can make up a board game using questions for songs you want to review. Or, you can make a pathway of shamrocks that lead to the gold and have teams trying to get their leprechaun to the Gold first. So, the shamrocks would have songs to sing, questions, loose a turn, move back 2 spaces, etc You can download a St. Patrick's Day board game HERE. Just customize to fit your needs.

Four Shamrocks in a Row: This one would be like Tic Tac toe but they would have to get four shamrocks in a row. HERE click and you can get a copy for this one on this site!!

Go for the Gold: For this one you can have the kids come up and pick a gold coin card out of a pot. If they can answer the question about a song or songs for review then they get to keep the gold, but beware, if they pick a leprechaun card they loose all their cards and have to start over. This would be a good one for 2 teams!!

These are the ideas I have come up with!! I will be posting my singing time for Sunday this evening for Lights, Camera, Actions!! Please stop back in if you are interested in pics for this one!! Thank you all for stopping by!!! Happy Singing!!