Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wheels Turning.... "Steal the Gold" March Singing Time Activity

Ok Ladies, I have been seeing St. Patrick's Day ideas out there for singing time in March. Wow, you guys are way ahead of me. I feel lucky to get my weeks plan out there before the weekend, yet alone the month ahead. I found an awesome music site on Pintrest today. This lady that does the site is an actual Music teacher. Her plans are there for download but it costs. I just took the title of one of her games she has on her download and am trying to put something together for singing time.  You can view the link HERE.
 She has a game  posted called Steal the Gold. In her version the students break into teams and race to find the "gold" or the right rhythm for certain songs. I would like to turn this into my St. Patty's singing time but my creative juices aren't quite flowing like I'd like them to be. To be honest I hadn't even started thinking that far ahead.  I would like to have the kiddo's break into two teams and search for the gold, but what am I going to have them do to reach their reward? Since "Gold" is usually at the end of a rainbow I will want to incorporate a rainbow into the mix, but how? Do I want to use multiple songs or just use it as a review for He Sent his Son and I will Follow Gods Plan? I am going to sleep on it and hopefully  by tomorrow I will have my St. Patty's day activity planned and ready to share with all of you. So stay tuned to see what I come up with for this one.

Now, for me and things more at my speed, I have an easy activity I will be doing with the kiddo's this Sunday. I will continue with my review of "I will Follow Gods Plans" We did the GPS activity last week and it was a hit. The kids loved following the map and putting the pics together for the song. They did a great job!! I will be posting the Lights, Camera, Actions activity tomorrow. Please stop by and check it out for a fun and easy review game.

Thanks for stopping by!! Please check back in and see what I come up with for "Steal the Gold" for my March activity and pics of this weeks Lights, Camera, Actions singing time!!!