Thursday, February 13, 2014

GPS I will Follow Gods Plan

Ok, ladies, here it is! I'm so sorry this is coming a little late in the week. Things have been so crazzzzyyyy around my house. We have had every kind of flu out there and yesterday my 10 year old came home from activity days with a fever. Went to the Dr. today and Strep it is!!!! I have two Science Fairs due tomorrow and darn it pintrest, I can't get by with the good old valentines anymore. My kids want to do something cool!!! So, my poor blog has had to take the backseat for a few days so that I could be super MOMMY and put together valentines and help with science fair.
For my GPS activity I have decided that I will just do the pics to go along with the song and no words. For Christmas I taught the kiddo's a song just using pics and they seemed to learn it faster this way. The little ones have to learn visually anyway, so this works great.
On my previous GPS post I included a copy of the map of the primary room that we will be using to find the pics for the song.  You can download the pics I am using here.

At the end of the map there will be a TREASURE! I will relate this to how if we Follow Gods plan we will get to our eternal destination: I ran around for 2 days and forgot to look for a treasure box so I just did one of my own. It is something simple that I made with stuff around the house, except for the candy of course. I grabbed that at Wal mart for $.99 a pack but you really could do anything, pencils, erasers, plastic rings. The kids will really just love finding the treasure!!
Ok, so when you think of a treasure you think of something colorful and bright! I just wrapped my box with foil and used some of this Spangle mix that I had in my craft box. This just gave it a little more color!!
There you have it!! Simple, and really, if you just left it wrapped in the foil the kids will still be so excited!!
Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a peek! Let me know if you have any questions. I have kind of rushed through this this week due to the craziness! Happy Valentines Day tomorrow and Happy Singing this week!