Friday, April 11, 2014

The Family is of God

Happy Friday Everyone!! This is what I have put together for The Family is of God!! I won't be getting to this for a couple of weeks. My ward has done an extension and my primary has grown from about 25 kids a week total to about 117. I will now be doing Sr. primary and have a new friend doing Jr. I am thinking because of all the craziness here in the next couple of weeks I will wait and start getting back to business after Easter!! It's like I have always said, my Brain runs a whole lot faster than the rest of me. To be totally honest, I haven't even made it to I Stand all Amazed yet!!!! I have had that one posted on here forever and still haven't had the chance to teach it!! I can't wait to share that message with my kiddo's and now that I have a bigger group, it will be AWESOME!!!

For The Family if of God, I just had my hubby draw Heavenly Father, A Father, Mother and a Child each on a posterboard for me. I then printed out some cute pics to go along with the words for each person. The kiddo's will come up and velcro the pics on as we are learning the words. Its CRAZY, I have already learned the words myself just putting this together so I know it will work for SR. primary!! You can find velcro dots at Wal mart for $1.50 a pack.

Here are my pics for verses 1-3, I still have to get a poster board to finish verse 4. I will include the pics I used so you can just click, save and print your own!! Thank you so much for stopping by!! Please feel free to comment with any questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible!!! Happy Singing Everyone!!!

I will post pics that I used on post #2. You can just click, save, print and use as needed!!!