Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Our new Journey"

Tomorrow will be the beginning of our new Ward!! We are so excited to have lots of new friends in primary! I was thinking with the transition things may be a little CrAzY for the next couple of weeks so I wanted to make singing time fun, and uncomplicated. I will be doing a 'getting to know you" activity so that we can all become better aquainted and get comfortable with each other before we continue to learn the songs for the program!!!
I saw a paper airplane idea on where the kids throw paper airplanes with the songs on them and whoever's airplane wins was the song they would sing. I am going to use this cute idea, (thank you for sharing;) and Dr. it up a bit to fit in with a theme of "Our new Journey" I will talk with the kiddo's about how we are on a new and exciting journey together. I will give them each a plain piece of paper along with a crayon. I will then have them write their name and favorite primary song on the paper and make it into a paper airplane. I will then race two airplanes at a time. Whoever wins will say their name, and the name of the song they picked.
I was so excited because I grabbed these cute suitcase die cuts from the Dollar Tree months ago. I decided to make use of them with this activity. They are pictured below:
The child that's airplane wins the race will say their name, the song on their airplane and then pick a suitcase. Each suitcase has a fun way to sing the songs on the back. I did 8 suitcases and the ideas I used on the back are as follows:

The Wave: The kiddo's will do the wave in each row all through the song
Strike a Pose: The Chorister will stop playing in spots throughout the song and the kids have to strike a pose each time she stops
Rock, Paper, Scissors: The kids have to do the hand motions throughout the whole song
Dance party: Dance through the song
Gigantic smile: Smile through the song without touching your lips together
Every other: Sing every other word
Beat the clock: Finish singing before the timer runs out
One breath: Sing the song only taking one big breath

I am so excited to begin this new "Journey" with my kiddo's!! I think this will be an easy and fun start on our GRAND ADVENTURE!!
 Thank you for stopping by!! I will be posting some more fun Easter singing ideas through the week so stop back in and take a peek!!! Happy Singing Everyone!!!