Friday, April 25, 2014

Swat Team and 4 Corners review games!!

Happy Friday Everyone!! What a week this has been! I spent today on a field trip and at the dentist getting a root canal! This is how I wrapped it up!!! All I can say is T.G.I.F!!! I wanted to get my review games on here for the week and I just haven't had the opportunity to sit down and type it out!! I thought I better get it on here while I have 5 minutes or it's just not going to happen!! 

To start out, I believe these are both games others out there have played quite a bit. I am going to Dr. up the first one (swat team)  and make it work as a review and 4 corners is one I have seen on some of my favorite teaching sites and I have also seen it used by other choristers out there to fit in as a repetition game for singing time!!

 With Mothers Day just around the corner I am going to review our two songs this week.  Mother Dear and We'll Bring the World his Truth (4 verse for mothers) are the two songs we will be presenting in Sacrament meeting! After going over the words this week, we will be playing another fun review game next week (keep an eye out for this favorite) and then hopefully I can get back on track with the songs for the program!! Ugh, I am getting so far behind!! 

Game #1 this week will be SWAT TEAM!! For this simple game I will print out the words for all 3 verses of Mother Dear! I will break the kids into two teams, RED and BLUE! I will have a RED swatter for the red team and a BLUE swatter for the blue team! I will start out posting the individual words for all three verses on the board. These will be in order, verse 1, verse 2, etc.  I will then have a child from each team come to the front and take their teams swatter. I will have another set of words from each verse cut into cards and in their verse pile. I will then pick a child to come up and pick a word card from a verse pile. Example: VERSE 1 the child comes up and picks a word card from the verse 1 pile, say the word is "Happy."  The child will then show the secret card to the all the children but the swatters! On GO the music will start and the children will sing, when they get to the secret word "Happy"  the children will be silent and the two swatters will race to swat the next word in the song, or the "secret" word, which is "Happy." Whoever swats the right word first earns a point for their team and we start over. This is a great one for repetition!

Game #2  will be 4 corners and we will be using this one with We'll Bring the World his Truth (verse 4) written for mothers! 
For this one, you will pick a child to be "it"  They will come to the front and put on a blindfold. The rest of the primary will split up and go to the four corners of the room. When everyone is in their place, the music will start and the children will sing the 4th verse of Army of Helaman! After the children have finished singing verse 4 the child that is "it" will point to the corner where they heard the least amount of singing voices. That corner of children will then be out and take their seats. I am going to switch this up a bit and then pick a new child to be it from the group that is out. After the new "it" gets on the blindfold, I will then have the children that are still in rotate to a new corner and play starts again. This continues until you are down to one player!! This is a GREAT game that the kiddo's love and are easily tricked into repetition of the song for review!!! 

I hope this helps those in need of some fun, simple review strategies! Thank you for stopping by! Please check back in this week for some more review and memorization games that are PERFECT for some AWESOME singing time FuN!! Happy Singing!