Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hoppy Easter Singing!!!

I love this time of year and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Easter!!! I thought I would take some time to share a few Easter singing time activities. I found some fun games on Pintrest that could easily be turned into a FUN singing time for the kiddo's on Easter.

This first one comes to us from HERE

Egg Tac Toe: For this one you can have the kiddo's break into two teams and  toss eggs into the cups. Each team has their own color of egg.  The Eggs can have the song they have to sing, a question about a song they are learning, a free song choice, take away the  egg from the other team, etc.
 On their turn, you will pick a child to come up, pick an egg of their team color.Their team has to be able to preform or answer, etc whatever is in the egg. If they do a good job then they get a chance to stand behind a line and toss their egg into a cup. They will take turns with the other team doing this until someone gets an EGG TAC TOE!!! This is an oldie but goodie and can be made up for any holiday!!!

Next, coming from the same blog we have Egg Race:
For this one, you can have Songs inside each egg. You will mark a starting line on the floor and a finish line. Two children would come up and pick an egg and a straw. They would blow their egg on go. Whoever's egg crosses the finish line first would be your winner and you would sing the song in that EGG!! This one would be fun and low prep!! You could also do this on a table if you didn't want to have the little girls on the ground in their dresses.

This next one would be a fun one to do with Jr primary. You could put your songs in the Eggs and then have the squares with the different stickers in a different Basket. First someone would pick an egg with the song and then someone would pick a square with a sticker on it. If they get a Bunny sticker, then they would hop while singing, if they get a chick sticker, they would flap like a chicken while singing, if they get a flower sticker, they would do a crazy shake while singing, and if they get the egg sticker, they would have to spin around while singing. Another fun idea turned into a singing time adventure!!!

This next one is another oldie but goodie! Pin the nose on the bunny!!!
Just draw yourself up a cute little EASTER BUNNY on a poster board!! This one would be perfect because he has a HUGE nose:) Have your songs on the back of each nose. A child comes up, picks a nose with a song, and then pins it on the bunny! You could do a "hot/cold" version of this where the kiddo's sing while the child is trying to pin on the nose. If the child is close they sing loud and if they aren't they sing really quiet!!

FUN, FUN, FUN and EASY, Easy, easy!!! I know we all have our days where simple is best and needed!! These are definitely PERFECT for THOSE kind of days, YOU KNow What I Mean?

This is all I have for today!! I have plenty more to share and will be posting those tomorrow!! Thank you all for "Hopping" on over and Happy Easter Singing this week everyone!!!