Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mothers Day!

Whew, you are all so fast and way ahead of me. I am still in the process of starting this months song and everywhere I look Mother's Day ideas are starting to pop up... I'm not sure I can keep up!!! I have finally organized the songs we will be singing in Sacrament meeting on Mothers Day and we will start prepping for those on the 26th and 3rd. I have chosen to do a version of Dearest Mother, I love you, that I found Here. 

She has added a simple violin or flute part to the song and I like the extra addition so I will be having a child from primary play the flute while we sing.
We will then be finishing off with Army of Helaman 1st verse and the special Mothers Day verse (thank you Rachel Boyle.) You can find this on my blog Here.  I have then asked the youth to be involved. I don't know about all of you but I LOVE to make people cry. Tears spell success in this calling!  The youth will be gathered in the back of the chapel and will be joining in on the chorus so that it rings throughout the whole chapel. I get goosebumps just thinking about it and can't wait to hear it!! I found this idea from a dear sister on facebook, thank you for sharing!
Hoping for this and not....

Hehehehe!!! Hopefully we can bring some happy tears to some Happy mamas!

 I have been searching and will be sharing some other cute singing time ideas for Mothers Day in the next couple of days! There are tons of cute ideas out there. I will also be posting a few ideas of my own. I just have to have some more time to get my thoughts together. Thanks to those for stopping by and taking a peek! Happy Singing!