Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mothers Day Singing Ideas

Good Morning! Well, actually, its noon and that is still morning in my book but I guess Good Afternoon is more like it.  My mind has been spinning in so many different directions.
This pic pretty much says it all!!
I don't know about all of you but the end of the school year is InSAnE and so overwhelming. I am having the hardest time getting my mind to zero in on any one thing at the moment. I get so overwhelmed when I am seeing Fathers Day singing ideas out there! WHHHAATT? Click
 How can you be to June already? I have every activity under the sun going on right now and so silly me, I am still living in April. I am so ahead of myself even starting to think about Mothers Day prep! As a matter of fact, I have finally decided what we are singing and that is about it! I thought for today I will just post some of the cute ideas I have found on the internet so that you can go check those out. I won't be getting mine on here for another week or so. I have to get through some of the brain clutter before I can begin to even think about what to do...

Below you will find some of the ideas that I have found to LOVE and honor our Mothers this Mothers Day!

Mothers Day Matching
1.) This is a very cute idea you use with photos of some of the Mothers and their kiddo's. It is way cute. Check it out Here

Queen for a Day

2.) This next one can be found on the same blog. It is way cute. Check it out Here

I did a few fun activities last year that were a hit as well. You can click Here to take a quick peek of those. The dress up activity was so much fun. You have to have a willing participant for this one. My husband was Wonderful and the kids had so much fun dressing him up!

3.) Here is another one that is short and sweet. I think you could Dr it up a bit and use something like this:

If the kiddo's do a good job singing then they get to throw a bean bag through a heart and tell something they LOVE about their mommy! I don't know if you would need to use the points but you certainly could come up with something to use the point system.

4.) Camille always has cute ideas as well! I LOVE the crying mother idea. Check it out along with some others Here

Mothers Day Mystery Items
5.) Anything with the word Mystery in it sounds EXCITING to me and the children as well. This is a simple but cute idea I found on this site Here
Guess that MOM

This last one I have for you today can be found on the OCD Chorister site. Guess that Dad/Mom. This sounds like a lot of fun and can be used to review the songs the kids have learned up to this point. Check it out Here

I will be spinning my wheels and trying to come up with a few more ideas this week. These are AWESOME ideas that are out there already. I hope this is helpful to anyone out there that might be feeling overwhelmed! Sometimes we just have to slow down and realize we are all different and we all have our own life circumstances. This is not a race and its OK to slow down and work at our own pace!! Thanks for taking a peek. Have an AWESOME rest of your day!