Friday, April 17, 2015

" I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ" Race Review and Repeat!

Well, here we are again! Its  Friday and my wheels are spinning around and around. Sometimes it feels like I'm on some crazy ride and it never stops. My mind has no free time unless I am asleep. No wonder I LOVE bedtime:)
 I will be making my door board and starting "I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ" on Sunday. I have kept my eyes and ears open to how things went with other Choristers last week when they started teaching this to their kiddo's. What I am hearing is that it is fairly easy and that the kids are catching on pretty quickly. I have contemplated this and have come up with another game I will use to help reinforce the words once we have them down. I know 20 mins goes quickly but my presidency usually allows me to go over a bit so I usually need to prepare for a little more time.

I will be playing a race game. Its really simple and can be played a couple of different ways. For those who started this song last week, this game would make for a GREAT review and lots of repetition as well!

I will print and use the same pics that I use to teach the song. You will need 2 copies of each pic because you are making 2 sets of cards. If you want to use the same pics as I am using you can get them Here

Now that you have your cards, LET THE RACES BEGIN! I have come up with a few different games you could do with your cards for review.

1.) You could pick a child to be it. The child that is it hides their eyes while another child spreads the cards out on a table. On go, the kids start singing the song and the child that is it has to try and beat them by putting the cards in the right order before the end of the song. This way, you are getting your repetition in and the children are trying to remember and focus on the words so they can get them in the right order.

2.) You have two children come up to the front and race to see who can get the words in order the fastest. The children are singing the song as the two are racing against the music.

3.) You set a timer. The child has to get the cards in order before the timer runs out! If they beat the timer they get to pick the song we sing, if they don't beat the timer then we sing the song for review.

There are many games and ideas you could use these cards for. What other things can you think of?

 Thank you for stopping by today. I hope this is of some help to others who might be feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Happy Friday and Happy Singing Everyone!!