Thursday, April 23, 2015

"Are you my Mother?"

Happy Tuesday! I have been trying to come up with a few cute ideas for singing time on Mothers Day. I have to say I haven't made it very far. Thank goodness there are lots of cute ideas out there already in case my brain just doesn't have the space to come up with anything new.  I'm not really sure what my problem is, it could be my ADD/OCD but I have a really hard time reusing the stuff I have already done. The kids have fun and I know they would LoVE for me to play some of these games more than once but something in my head refuses to just play the same games over again. The kids probably don't even know what we did  last year and there are new children in primary so they wouldn't know. What the heck! Does anyone have any guesses as to my diagnosis? Yah, me either....

Anyhow, I have come up with one cute idea that I think the kiddo's would like. It can be used as a review on all the songs up to this point or great for one song that could use some repetition.

To start out you will want to have some cards printed out with baby animals on them. I will use these pics and print them out on cardstock.

You can click, save and print these if you want to use the same ones that I am using. Once your cards are done you are ready to play!

TO PLAY: Pick a song to review or sing. You can either do one song the whole time so the kids can work on the words or do a choosing activity to determine your song.
 Next step will be to have a child come to the front and draw a baby animal card. They show the card to the kiddo's and the child then becomes that baby animal. They will step out into the hallway and you will pick another helper to be the Mommy animal. So, if a pig card was picked then the chosen child becomes the mommy pig. The mommy will remain in her seat. You will then start singing your song. Once the singing starts the baby animal will reenter the primary room and go stand in the front. While the kids are singing the Mommy animal will sing but at the same time she will make a noise of whatever animal it is that she is calling to. So, if its a pig she will sing but every once in awhile she will throw in an "oink" or grunt sound. She will do this throughout the remainder of the song.
When the song is finished the baby animal has to walk over to whoever they think was making the "oink" and ask ARE YOU MY MOTHER? If they are right then they get to pick the next person to be it, if they are not right then the child that tricked them gets to pick the next card and be the next baby animal.