Wednesday, January 21, 2015

" I'd like to "BEAR" my testimony" I Know that my Savior Loves me!

Happy Wednesday! This has been one BEAR of a week, haha! (Sorry, that's not funny!)  It has been a tough week for me, we all have them, you  know the one's where you feel like you can't take on one more thing or you might just go NuTs on someone or something? Well, that would not be pretty in primary, therefore, I have decided for review this week, I will be doing an oldie but goodie.
 To help remind the children, once again, of the importance of  "BEARING" our Testimony when we are singing this beautiful song, I am going to do a twisted version of the Hot and Cold game using this beauty here:

For those who are not familiar with this easy prep singing time, let me fill you in before I add my twist. To play, you have a child step out in the hallway while another child hides your object, (in this case, it will be my angel bear.) Once hidden you have the children start singing your song to be reviewed and the other child will come in from the hallway. The children will sing the song quietly as the other child searches for the bear, if the child gets close to where the bear is hidden, the children will sing louder until the bear is found. I will have them finish singing the verse or chorus and then play will continue with the child that found the bear, hiding it from another child.

Ok, so this is simple enough, right? I am going to add a twist using bear cards made from this outline here: Every other turn, I will have a child pick one of our BEAR cards. It will tell us how we are going to play Hot and Cold with a Twist:
 Example: Fast and Slow: When the chosen child come's in from the hallway to find the hidden bear, the children will start out singing slow, the closer they get to the hidden Bear/Object, the children will sing faster!

Up and Down: The children will sing sitting down, the closer the child gets to finding the bear/object, the children will stand up!(keep singing)

High and low: The children will sing in a high voice, the closer the child gets to finding the bear/object, the children will sing in a low voice!

Ooo's and Ahhh's: The children will start out ooo'ing the tune, the closer the child gets to finding the bear/object, they will ahhh the tune!!

Girls and Boys:  The Girls start out singing, the closer the child gets to the object, then the boys start singing and the girls stop!! (tricky)

What other ways can you think of?

TREAT: I will be giving a few of these to each child with a tag attached that reads: I want to "BEAR" my testimony, I Know that my Savior Loves me!!

The kiddo's love these games and they are so simple and easy prep. This is a great game to use when there is repetition because they are having so much fun, and don't even realize they are singing the song, over and over again! Thank you for taking a peek! Happy Singing and hopes for a better ending to the WEEK!!!