Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"The Greatest Treasure" I Know my Savior Loves Me!

Whew, here we go again! NEW YEAR, NEW SONGS! I'm not sure about all of you but I've had a really tough week deciding how to start off teaching this beautiful song. I have decided that I want to try and present the spiritual message as I do the introduction of the new songs each month. I immediately knew that I wanted the kids to understand that when we are singing this song for the program we will be sharing our testimony with everyone. That we KNOW HE LIVES and  LOVES EACH and EVERY ONE of US. My brain was all over the place. I went from BEARing our testimonies, teaching it with BEARS, all the way to Testimony the DRAGON slayer, where we would end up building an ARMOR puzzle to signify how our testimonies are like armor and make us strong and protect us. I just couldn't settle. I prayed that HF would guide me and use me as a tool to teach the children the message he would like them to receive in learning this beautiful song. I had thought about doing many things but just couldn't get that "ah'ha" feeling that I get when I know something is right. As I was driving to get my kids from school yesterday, its like magic, everything just started coming together and Voil'a, I had it! I am going to present this song using TREASURES because a TESTIMONY is a treasure. BEAUTIFUL, fragile, precious to each and everyone of us! Ezra Taft Benson has said, "A testimony is one of the few possessions we may take with us when we leave this life."

To start out I will have a short discussion with the kiddo's that goes something like this. What is the greatest treasure that you have? When you pass away what will happen to that treasure? Can it go with you?  Today we are going to learn a song that represents one of HF greatest TREASURES you can ever have and when you pass away this TREASURE can go with you. You can change lives using this treasure!!! Does anyone know what it might be?

We will then begin our TREASURE HUNT finding the pics and words for the song in little treasure boxes:

Treasure Box #1 will include these pics and words:
A Long Time Ago
in a Beautiful place

Children were gathered "round Jesus

Treasure box #2:

He Blessed and taught as they felt of his love

Each saw the tears on his face

Treasure Box #3:

The love that he felt for his little ones

I know he feels for me

Treasure Box #4:

I did not touch him or sit on his knee,

Yet, Jesus is real to me

The last treasure box will include the Chorus and reveal to the children that the TREASURE we are singing about is our TESTIMONY. I will also be including Chocolate coins in the final treasure box  to help them remember that their testimony is a TREASURE that will bring them eternal Happiness (I don't know about you, but chocolate makes me Happy!!) and that when we sing this song for the program, we are sharing our TESTIMONY, that Jesus lives and Loves us! We can touch the hearts of others with our testimony and help them to receive this TREASURE for themselves.

Final Treasure box #5 will be bigger and include: Chorus and pics as follows:






What a beautiful song. I hope I can help the children feel their TESTIMONIES grow as they sing this beautiful hymn. Thanks for taking a peek. Happy Singing Everyone!!

Click here to download the Word Doc I will be using for my pics and words