Saturday, January 10, 2015

"The Greatest Treasure" Pics

Ok, here are the pics of how I plan on presenting this tomorrow! I went with gold and silver bags for my first four treasures and a treasure box for the Chorus.
Gift Bags from the Dollar Tree

Cute treasure chest that I found at party city
I will be numbering the treasures and hiding them around the room. The kiddo's will find them in order so that we are learning the song in order. The bags had tags on them so I just numbered the tags like so:

Chocolate coins will be in the final treasure chest

I will have the chocolate coins and this quote by Robert C Gay in the treasure box. This, along with the Chorus will reveal to the kiddo's what the song is about. I will then discuss with the kiddo's how we are BEARING our TESTIMONY when we sing this song and remind them that a testimony is very special. It protects us, guides us, can guide others to the truth, gives us strength and can always stay with us. It is a GREAT TREASURE!! We will then conclude with learning the chorus and each child will get a piece of the TREASURE!!