Sunday, December 15, 2013


Ok, I'm a little slow at this whole blog thing. With Christmas right around the corner and life just going on as quickly as it can, I just can't seem to find the time to sit and get this going. However, I do have a couple of ideas to share and I finally had some time this evening to sit and get this figured out.
The first idea I would like to share works great as a motivator on those days when you have to repeatedly go over and over the same song. When you look into the eyes of those sweet little ones and they are looking at you like they have no clue what the words are even when you are on the same verse for the 50th repeat that day.
I thought this one up in bed one night after having a day like the one I described above, when the poor kids were looking back at me in complete desperation, begging me with their eyes, not to repeat the same song for the 10th time that day. I call it STARBURST, and yes, you will find that a lot of my ideas come with a treat and I will call it what it is, pure and simple, BRIBERY!!! It works and the kids most always sing their little hearts out if they know their is a surprise at the end!!
This is a simple thing you can do and it helps keep the kids focused even when singing the same song, over and over. They don't even realize they are repeating because they are so focused on the shooting star and getting it to the destination with a sweet reward in site!!

Its really very simple: To start out you just make a star out of poster board. You will make two slits on the star and weave a long piece of ribbon,(9-10ft depending on how high the ceiling is in the primary room) You will then cover the star and slits with foil. On the tip of the star you will scotch tape a needle so that it is sharp.( No worries, this is a rising star and little ones will not be touching it so the sharp point works out fine on this one.)  I used sticky back Scotch hooks and attached it to the ceiling to pulley the string through in our primary room. As the children sing the star will rise little bits at a time, depending on how well they do. As you place your hook on the ceiling, you will also place a balloon. As the star rises and gets closer and closer to popping the balloon the kids get so excited and will sing their little hearts out! You will let them know there is a surprise waiting for them if they can sing so well that they make the star rise and the balloon burst from their super star singing! Please see pics below and comment if you have any questions. It is getting late and I'm not sure any of this will make any sense. Please check back tomorrow for details on the "Singing Snowball Fight" I did this one today and it was a huge hit! Happy Singing!!
Starburst Surprise