Thursday, June 5, 2014


Happy Thursday all!! Things have been so crazy in my life lately, I haven't had the time to sit down and really focus on my calling. I'm not sure about all of you but I am starting to feel overwhelmed and like things are getting away from me. Sometimes life is just so crazy!
I am just returning from the funeral of my darling Mother in law in Idaho. She was such a beautiful lady and a wonderful example on what the gospel is really all about. I have been pretty overwhelmed lately and have actually thought about being released.  After attending this funeral and listening as a letter was read  from a guy that had been a child in my Mother in Laws primary when she was president years ago,  I just couldn't bear to give up!! She was not only the president in their small ward but the Chorister as well. He talked about her love of music and how he knew every song in the primary songbook by the time she got done with him. She had a great love of music such as myself and I can only hope to touch these children's lives and influence them with the music as she did years ago!! I am grateful for this calling and I know my HF knows me and this is where I should be at this time. Please bear with me as I struggle along. Sometimes life just takes over and its hard for me to refocus but I always seem to get my feet back on the ground.

 This week I will be starting "I Heard the Prophet"  and will be using a simple review game called "Bag it" to help the children get the words down. This is a cute game I found on this site Here
I think the kids will love this idea. I will shuffle them around, take bags off and move children to different places in the verse and have the kiddo's figure out which child was moved, etc.  I will just mix things up a bit and help the kiddo's get the song in their heads.
I will also be throwing in my Boom- Boom Balloon review game as a motivator. If they sing well they get to come up, roll the dice and push the poky's in according to their roll. We have really been drilling away since May and I want to keep the kids happy so I will let them try and "POP" the balloon before the end of singing time for a small treat!! This is a FAVORITE in Sr. primary!!

In closing this week I am also going to introduce the children to my Summer Singing Vacation!!!  For June we will be doing a Circus Singing Jubilee to review all songs up to this point and in July we will be doing a S'more Singing Camp review!! Stay tuned for these Summer singing adventures in the next few weeks!! Happy Summer Singing Everyone!!